UserVitals setup guide

Here are the different ways you can integrate UserVitals into your product to improve the feedback loop with your customers.
Setup is easy! It typically takes an engineer less than 15 minutes. Explore the features of UserVitals on the side, such as SSO and our widgets.

Changelog Widget

The changelog widget lets you embed your changelog into your website. It works by attaching itself to any element on the page. Whenever the button is clicked, the changelog will open.
How the changelog widget will look on your site
Learn more about how to setup the widget and increase feature awareness and engage customers with your newest features

Customer Portal Widget

A fully featured embeddable widget for displaying your roadmap and collecting customer feedback.
Display your roadmap and feature requests in a widget

Feedback Widget

You can add this widget to your application to collect feedback without friction. The feedback will be pushed to your UserVitals inbox with configured labels. You can also enable SSO and customize the widget settings.
Collect feedback without friction

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on helps you to seamlessly authenticate your users via their existing accounts on your application. This provides a seamless experience for your users by eliminating the need to log in to leave feedback or access your roadmap.
Enable SSO to connect with existing user accounts in your app