In this documentation, we provide a detailed overview of the various components of our GraphQL API. Since many users of this API might not be familiar with GraphQL, we also provide a deep dive into GraphQL.
To understand how to work with the UserVitals GraphQL API

Reference Terms and Vocabulary

In this documentation, we use many terms specific to UserVitals, this section aims to clarify what these terms mean and how they are used in the context of UserVitals


A story can be a feature request, user need, or capability
Note: Our API refers to a Story and RoadmapItem interchangeably.
For more information see RoadmapItemType


An insight is a quote or feedback directly from a customer. This is tied to a story.
Note: Our API refers to an Insight and Feedback interchangeably.
For more information see FeedbackType


A post detailing changes or improvements that have been released in your product.
For more information see ChangelogType


A category can belong to a story. A category is useful for organizing your feature requests on the roadmap. The customer portal also allows your customers to find existing features through categories. Only one category can be assigned to a Story.
For more information see RoadmapItemCategoryType


A label is an additional layer to organize items in UserVitals. Multiple labels can be attached to a RoadmapItem, Feedback, or Changelog. A label can also be assigned a color to easily notice them in the UI.
For more information see LabelType


The status of a Story in the product lifecycle. Such as being Open, Under Review, In Progress etc.
For more information see MessageStatusTypes


A user or admin that belongs to the Team. These objects can represent admins, team members, or contacts of a Team.
For more information see UserType


A team or workspace is often tied to a specific product, company, or functional team. This object contains all the metadata relevant to this team such as company name, brand color, subdomain etc.
For more information see TeamType


An object that describes the relationship of a User to a Team.
For more information see MembershipType