Customer Portal Widget

A fully featured embeddable widget for displaying your roadmap and collecting customer feedback.
You can add this widget to your application to collect feedback without friction. Your customers do not have to leave your application to leave feedback or vote on requests. You can also enable SSO and customise the widget settings.

What the customer portal widget looks like


Install our script

Add the following code anywhere inside </body> tag.
<script id="uservitals-portal-loader" async src=""></script>
const script = document.getElementById('uservitals-portal-loader');
script.addEventListener('load', (event) => {
token: "{{token}}",
mode: "floating", // Optional: Widget will open up when this element is clicked
size: "full", // Optional: Use full to render full height widget. Compact for a smaller widget.
align: "left", // Optional: Alignment of the widget when opened
position: "bottom" // Optional: Placement of the element when selector is used
The data-uservitals-portal attribute tells us which element is your button. Once the portal widget is initialized, we will listen for clicks on elements with this attribute to trigger the portal widget to open.
<button data-uservitals-portal>
What's new


There are a few other customizations that you might want to make when embedding your changelog widget.
If the mode is floating, a button will appear on the page based on your position and align. If the mode is trigger then your widget will appear when an element with data-uservitals-portal attribute.
The align parameter determines which side of the button the widget is aligned with. It can be set to top or bottom.
The position parameter determines which side of the button the widget appears on. It can be set to left or right.
When using trigger mode you can render the widget in a smaller size with compact or render the the full height of the page with full
Optional. This token allows the widget to identify your user. See Single Sign-On (SSO) for more information about generating a token.